Jennifer Lawrence Is An ‘Ugly Negro’ Because She Stole Miley Cyrus’s Haircut, Says Miley Cyrus Fan

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04.22.13 21 Comments

One of 2013’s more impressive celebrity turnarounds so far has been how Miley Cyrus has transformed herself from a chipmunk-voiced singer who watches you poop into someone who enjoyably doesn’t give a f*ck. Hey, if she wants to twerk in a unicorn onesie and smoke a giant blunt in a club, she will. It’s endearing, actually.

Her fans, however, not so much. Here’s what the proprietor of Celebs That Copy Miley Cyrus had to say about Jennifer Lawrence, the Queen of the Internet who recently got a haircut that sort of resembles Miley’s.

It’s hard to tell who’s who but let me tell you that the one on the left is Queen Cyrus and the ugly negro on the right is Josh Hutcherson’s sister Jennifer Lawrence. And she’s incest because in the hunger games i saw them kiss. GROSS. This bitch blatantly plagiarized Miley’s iconic short ombre hair at the Juno awards. Unfortunately Jennifer cannot afford much money like Miley so her pictures are unclear. Too sad.

Sorry bitch but if you’re gonna copy the queen, just don’t. (Via)

Even if this is just trolling, it’s inspired trolling. “Ugly negro.” “She’s incest.” “Iconic short ombre hair.” “Cannot afford much money.” “JUNO AWARDS,” which obviously isn’t a real thing. This person is clearly trying to make hating Jennifer Lawrence the new loving Jennifer Lawrence. What does J-Law herself think of the comments?

Well said.


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