Meet The Woman Who Spent $25,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

As much as you might adore Jennifer Lawrence, what with your Katniss shrines made out of used gum in the back of your closet, you don’t ADORE her nearly as much as Kitty. That’s because the 30-year-old wife and mother living in Houston, Texas, spent thousands on plastic surgery to look like her “spunky and fun” idol.

In an interview with ABC News, Kitty, who loves Lawrence’s “banging” body, said that she wants to emulate “a very capable, very personal level-headed female who is an Academy Award winner.” And because her next-door neighbor got the Kathy Bates package, $$$he went with J-Law.

Kitty underwent $25,000 worth of surgeries — minus a discount from the doctor for appearing on television — which included liposuction to her face and body, a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and fat grafts to her cheeks and buttocks. The entire procedure took six hours and her recovery took a several weeks.

Even though it was an expensive undertaking, Kitty said it was worth it. While she acknowledged it was money that could have gone to a college fund for her daughter, she said time was on her side.

“Basically the money that I had for this was money that I had saved from previous job…so it was sort of a ‘me fund,'” Kitty said. “My child’s only five and I’m still just barely 30 so I think I still feel like maybe it’s naiveté but I still have some time to rack up some money to help her when the time comes.” (Via)

Kitty’s husband Eric chimed in with, “Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a celebrity that I have particularly strong feelings about one way or another,” proving only that Eric has never been on the Internet.

Via ABC News