This Mystique Supercut Reminds Us Why Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn Are The Best

05.22.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens at midnight tonight, so MTV has made a supercut of all 38 of Mystique’s on-screen transformations so far from both Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn.

I was surprised at how well the special effects and makeup held up across all of the movies since 2000. Both the CGI and makeup have changed quite a bit over 14 years. X-Men: Days Of Future Past will feature Jennifer Lawrence in a bodysuit, for example, instead of the eight hour long bodypainting process she described as, “One naked girl and seven pairs of hands all over her.”

The supercut below is pretty great, but they left out the most important Mystique transformation.

That’s so Raven Darkhölme.

The rumored Mystique spinoff can’t come fast enough.

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