Jennifer Lawrence Visiting A Children’s Hospital Further Proves How Awesome She Is

Getty Image

Jennifer Lawrence is in the news so much, it’s almost impossible to believe that she has time to sleep. But the actress and fantasy best friend of Americans everywhere took some time out of her schedule (there goes sleeping) to visit sick kids at Shriner’s Hospital in Canada. Great, even more people to compete with for her completely platonic fantasy friend love. (Yes, those are words.)

BuzzFeed reports that J.Law popped by the hospital last week during a break from filming the latest X-Men movie. She chilled with the kids and then signed the casts of anyone who wanted it. Can you imagine being the kid who came to school with a cast signed by J-Law? Thank god the Internet’s around to document everything, or no one would believe you.

Here are the pictures, which have been accurately described as “adorable”:

Even more adorable photos can be found on the hospital’s Facebook page, including this picture of Lawrence and the cutest kid many of us have ever seen:

According to the hospital, everyone had a great time and the kids were delighted. What the hospital didn’t mention is the burping contest J.Law inevitably got into with the kids. That must have happened, right?

(Via BuzzFeed and Shriners Hospital for Children)