Jennifer Lawrence’s Latest Important GIF Is Basically The Internet’s Feelings For J-Law

11.19.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

I’m currently wearing a ripped Carolina Panthers long-sleeve shirt and gym shorts that I’ve owned since the last time I went to a gym (high school graduation?), so I’m not in any position to make comments about another person’s fashion choices. But I will because I write for the Internet, and our job is to say things about people we don’t know: Jennifer Lawrence’s dress at the Los Angeles The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere is confusing but I like it.

Or at least I think do. At this point, my J-Law bias is so strong that the first time I saw the GIF below, I didn’t see a box of mints spilling everywhere; I thought it was a tube of Wite-Out, which is far more suggestive…

jlaw mints

…and a fairly accurate representation of the Internet’s feelings for J-Law.

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