Jennifer Lopez’s Slight Wardrobe Malfunction Brings Out The 15 Year Old In All Of Us

As intense Jennifer Lopez fans will attest, the songstress and former American Idol host is currently enjoying a Las Vegas run full of flashy dances and costumes. Lopez also happened to flash cameras ever so slightly when she took her final bow on Saturday night. The ever classy TMZ nabbed the story with delight, saying the moment was “just too much to bare.”

Look, we are all aware of the lovely Ms. Lopez’s assets. She also knows the drill all too well, but I think this “malfunction” simply showed a built-in, sheer panel of the costume. This negligible moment would have gone unnoticed with any other pop star. However, the cameras love to focus in on Lopez’s back end, so her posterior move was preserved for all of posterity. The funny part in this whole kerfuffle is how nothing is happening at all. This was perhaps the tamest wardrobe malfunction Vegas has ever seen, but since this is Lopez, folks will enjoy the non-show. The internet wants to believe!

So, there you have it. Jennifer Lopez bent over in Las Vegas. Her costume did something funky, and here we are, watching the video. The really crazy aspect of this story? The “rip” happened after the show ended, for it’s amazing any costume can survive those crazy dance moves.

(Via TMZ)