You’ve Got To Hear This Audio Of Tara Reid And Jenny McCarthy Fighting On The Radio

07.15.16 3 years ago 12 Comments

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Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy are two of the most important and progressive thinkers of our time. That’s why everyone (everyone) who cares about world peace, the environment, and personal freedom was excited to learn that the latter (brave anti-vaxxer and former co-host of MTV’s Singled Out) would be interviewing the former (host and star of E!’s Taradise) on her satellite radio show. Well, it happened today and the results are…well, listen, you can hear the results for yourself, but let me say one thing: to call this interview a train wreck would be a gross and offensive understatement. It may not be the Trump campaign, but McCarthy/Reid is definitely up there. If an awards show existed which gave out statuettes for disasters we should all have seen coming, this conversation would give any other nonviolent monstrosity of 2016 a run for its money.

The interview you’re about to hear is short, barely edging past the two-minute mark, and that’s not because McCarthy had spent an hour antagonizing Reid and she was just about done. It’s because that’s how long the entire thing lasted before it devolved into the kinds of insults you’d hear in a high school bathroom and Reid just decided that it wasn’t worth it, press for Sharknado 4 be damned.

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