Watch Jerry Seinfeld And Tina Fey Discuss Feces And Cronuts On ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’

01.30.14 5 Comments

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Tina Fey is Jerry Seinfeld’s latest guest on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (which is a huge hit, by the way), and over the course of their 17-minute conversation they discuss everything from feces to cronuts to social media to their shared relief about having a successful sitcom in their rearview. I actually kind of like Tina’s proposal to fix Twitter, which is to have everyone who wants to sign up send her ten pitches for things they’d like to tweet, and then await her ruling as to whether they’ll be allowed to begin. It should probably a three-judge panel, though, to be fair. I’m thinking, like, Tina Fey, Val Kilmer, and Florida Man. That would be a nice mix.

Anyway, the conversation is interesting and funny, as they usually are in this series. I recommend finding 15 minutes to watch. Especially if you want to hear award-winning comedian and actress Tina Fey say the phrase “Feces are my purview.”

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