Watch Jerry Seinfeld On 'The Tonight Show' After The 'Seinfeld' Series Finale And Try Not To Feel Old

It’s December 30th. A Monday, no less. Most likely everyone you work with is still off for the holiday break and you’re trying to figure out how to get through the morning. Well, if you enjoyed Dustin’s recent write up on all the surprising things you probably didn’t know about the much-maligned Seinfeld series finale, then you may be interested in filling the void by skimming over Jerry Seinfeld’s Tonight Show appearance that followed the airing of the series finale as it was recently dug up from an old VHS and posted on YouTube.

It’s an equal parts weird and compelling watch that doubles as a surefire way to make yourself feel ancient. I know the video quality is garbage, but seriously, this didn’t happen that long ago. For added surrealness John F. Kennedy Jr. is the second guest, and he reveals what it was like running into people the morning after “The Contest” aired.

The Seinfeld interview begins at the 18:00 mark and I strongly suggest you forward to that point while making a few pit stops for old commercials and movie trailers. #1998 #TeamDeepImpact

YouTube via r/Television