The Cast Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Getting Back Together For An E! Reunion Docuseries

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Ever hear the expression that you can’t ever truly miss something if it never goes away? Well, apparently the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore have not, because despite the fact that it feels like the GTL crew have never really been out of our lives, they’re coming back for an E! docuseries called Reunion Road Trip.

The just announced series will “reunite the casts of former TV unscripted and scripted shows,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, and although so far no other casts have been lined up, the Jersey Shore episode is supposedly going to serve as the pilot to the series.

Titled Reunion Road Trip, the unscripted entry will capture an epic show reunion as the cast drives down memory lane making familiar stops along the way – sharing stories, revisiting hot spots and catching up on each other’s current lives. Viewers will follow the lifelong friends as they come together to gossip about each other’s lives, what has been said about them in the press, the juiciest moments and stories we never saw behind the scenes, and most of all talk about the pop culture hit that has bonded them forever.

This finally gives us an answer as to the mysterious Jersey Shore reunion project, which came to light thanks to a glut of photos and video that the cast has been posting to social media over the past few weeks. Again, it’s not like we really need to know what the cast has been up to — between spin-offs, Snooki and JWoww’s various podcasts and YouTube channels, Pauly D’s DJ career, and uh, The Situation’s legal woes. But for fans of the original series, which ran from 2007 to 2012, it should be a treat nonetheless.

And hey, if there’s anyone who absolutely can’t wait for E!’s reunion to come out, you’re in luck because in the meantime, the cast took part in a smaller scale reunion for a “family dinner” at Burger King to promote the chain’s new line of Chicken Parm sandwiches. *Kisses fingertips*

(Via THR)