The Best Of #Jesse Pinkman

Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Internet! If you’re like me every time you come across the word “b*tch” your brain automatically adjusts so you hear it in Jesse Pinkman’s voice, so now that the Breaking Bad Season 5 countdown is fully on Aaron Paul’s iconic character is finally getting the much deserved “Best of #” treatment.

Warning: This compilation of GIFs, multipanes, and fan art may leave you longing for early season Jesse Pinkman, the guy who lived on Funyuns and was good for at least one LOL moment an episode. As incredible and compelling as Jesse’s character arc has been, there’s no denying melancholy Pinkman doesn’t spout nerdy old dude quips quite like he used to. Here’s to Season 5 getting back to basics a bit in that regard. And if not, at least giving us one more lab suit inflation scene for old time’s sake.

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