Might Jessica Chastain Be In A Marvel Movie? It’s Looking That Way.

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Jessica Chastain has confirmed she’s talked to Marvel about playing a character. So, of course, the job falls to us to speculate as to which one.

In the interview above, found by Slash Film and courtesy of MTV, Chastain notes that she was approached by Marvel, but had a few standards. One, she wasn’t playing a Pepper Potts-type role. Two, she wanted to be a major character, and three, it’s probably not Captain Marvel, due to the timing of the movie and the fact that all the fans have been doing since the movie was announced is demand that Katee Sackhoff star in it. Also, Chastain herself has denied it’s Captain Marvel.

So, who else could she be? Well, first we’ve got to leave out the mutants and the second-stringers, meaning that while she’d probably be a great Hellcat, that one’s probably off the table. And, honestly, this one’s got me stumped, if we’re talking about heroes. Most of Marvel’s best heroines either belong to Fox or aren’t exactly movie-headlining material. Crystal would seem to be the obvious fit, seeing as that she’s a major Inhuman and will likely be getting a berth on the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that’s further away than Captain Marvel.

Of course, Chastain makes it clear she’s willing to play a villain, and in that category, a major one would be the Enchantress, a Thor villain who they haven’t gotten around to featuring yet. One imagines that the third Thor movie would need to get Loki some backup… so who knows? Chastain might get her wish, after all.