Jessica Nigri's Breasts Get Bounced out of PAX East Twice

So, PAX East happened this past weekend, a fact you’re no doubt already well aware of due to all the quality live coverage Dan has brought us. Ultimately though, one of the most talked about stories to come out of PAX East didn’t have all that much to do with the games shown there.

Jessica Nigri is one of the most popular cosplayers in the world because she has sizeable breasts she likes to show off and kind of looks like a living anime girl. Both those things will net you a lot of nerd adoration. Jessica was paid by Warner Bros. Games to attend PAX dressed as the main character from upcoming fetishfest Lollipop Chainsaw, but it wasn’t long before PAX organizers asked her to leave the show floor. So she came back in a different costume and was asked to leave again. Finally, a third costume was given a pass by the PAX authorities.

The position of the PAX organizers is basically “Yeah, we don’t allow booth babes, so if you’re going to promote something you’re going to have to cover more than 10-percent of your breasts. Sorry.”

The position of the folks upset by Nigri being asked to leave is basically “Whoa, Jessica Nigri in pink vinyl with her tits out? Where? What? Wait, they made her leave? What the f–k?!”

Personally I think both sides present compelling arguments. The good news is that we here at GammaSquad have no problem with showing you most of a boob, so you can check out some pictures of Nigri in her Lollipop Chainsaw outfits after the jump…

via Kotaku

pics via Jessica Nigri’s website and Twitter

The outfit that started the trouble. I believe this confirms it — Jessica Nigri has no nipples. Mr. Destructoid certainly does though.

The Lollipop Chainsaw outfit Jessica usually wears to shows. This one was also deemed unacceptable. 

The outfit that finally passed muster. This may be the only existing picture of Jessica Nigri in which her cleavage is covered.

Again, don’t forget to read all of Dan’s real, actually went to the show coverage of PAX East.

Finally, before I go, some synonyms for breasts I didn’t use in this story — Melons. Dirigibles. Bebop and Rocksteadies. Providers of Mother Nature’s Precious Lifeblood. Jugs. That is all.