Chrissy Teigen And The Rest Of Twitter Had A Blast Live Tweeting ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live’

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Critics and viewers alike have not been kind to most of NBC’s live musicals in the past, but it seems like the network has finally nailed the format with Jesus Christ Superstar. While other productions have qualified as hate-watches, Jesus Christ Superstar proved to be a genuine triumph of production and talent. Between John Legend, Alice Cooper, and Sarah Bareilles, it’s hard to imagine a better lineup. Plus, it’s safe to say that Hamilton‘s Brandon Victor Dixon is now on everyone’s radar after his turn as Judas.

As per usual with a television event like this, Twitter blew up with the best jokes and commentary during the show’s run. The general consensus seems to be that as excellent as this concert version was, a fully staged Broadway version with this cast would completely change the game. Make it happen, Broadway!

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