JetBlue Is Cutting Back On Legroom And Adding Bag Fees

Two of the great things about JetBlue have been its unwillingness to charge baggage fees for checked bags under a reasonable weight and its willingness to provide customers with reasonable amounts of legroom in coach, so much so that a 6’6” person like myself can actually feel comfortable in a coach seat. Well, that will soon no longer be the case. In other words, JetBlue will soon be like every other sh*tty airline most of us all hate.

Report the Wall Street Journal:

JetBlue Airways Corp. is adding bag fees and cutting passenger legroom, as the carrier looks to improve its financials amid pressure from analysts and investors…Along with Southwest Airlines Co., JetBlue has held out as the only big U.S. airlines to offer all fliers at least one free checked bag, while virtually all of their rivals have added bag fees in recent years.

The filing also shows that JetBlue plans to increase the number of seats on its Airbus A320 aircraft to 165 seats from 150.