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03.09.10 26 Comments


The Martin Aircraft Company is releasing their $75,000 jetpack for sale to the public (demo video below).  It’s 200 horsepower with a range of 30 miles per tank of regular premium gasoline.  It can go as high as 8,000 feet (estimated) and as fast as 60 mph.  The two rotors are 1.7 feet wide and made of a carbon/Kevlar composite.  It also has redundant systems and a built-in ballistic parachute.  I’m pretty sure it also cures cancer in unicorns.

Since it only weighs ~250 pounds, it doesn’t require a pilot’s license to operate in the U.S. or the U.K.  The Martin Aircraft Company does require you to take their safety course before they’ll deliver the jetpack, though.  Killjoys.  I’m going to egg their headquarters while flying by in a bootleg jetpack, sans instructions.  Hey, did you know these things can go way faster than 60 mph when you’re plummeting to the ground?

[DVICE and Gizmag]

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