This Kid’s Extravagant Entrance At His Burlesque Bar Mitzvah Is The Everything Bagel You Need Right Now

A successful bar mitzvah only need three things: a glass to stomp, a chair to hoist in the air, and at least two Kenny Loggins songs. Anything more than that is overkill, especially when that “more” involves a choreographed burlesque routine where the happy Jewish boy-turned-fidgety Jewish man appears from behind an ascending light shade.

And according to the Daily Dot, that’s just the opening number of Sam Horowitz’s mitzvah. Later in the evening, Horowitz dressed up as a glittery everything bagel and breakdanced to a Kanye West parody called “Love Loxdown.” Spectators described it as “delicious.” They may have been referring to the matzo ball soup.

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