Jim Carrey Blows The Mind Of A Fashion Reporter With An Existentially Nihilistic Red Carpet Rant

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09.10.17 13 Comments

It’s gotta be difficult to recover from a red carpet interview that starts with a reporter asking you if you’re wandering the streets, but Jim Carrey soldiered on by stating that he came to New York Fashion Week in an attempt to “find the most meaningless thing he could come to.” Carrey kept the ball rolling by turning the table on the E! News reporter by looking directly into her soul and saying: “you have to admit it’s completely meaningless,” which she responded to the funnyman and sometimes drama-man with “they say we’re celebrating icons.”

His response was curt.

“Celebrating icons, boy that’s just the lowest-aiming possibility we could come up with. It’s like, ‘icons.’ Do you believe in icons? I believe in personalities. I don’t believe that you exist,” Carrey stated in a bit of metaphysical solipsism. The reporter doubles down by stating that Carrey himself is an icon and an artist, but he rejects that notion with a grunt and possible Elvis impression.

Her reaction? A brief awkward moment and a glance to the camera.

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