Jim Mahfood On Why 'Everybody Loves Tank Girl'

Jim Mahfood is a name comics fans will recognize. His art style, heavily inspired by graffiti, was one of the most distinct and clever of the ’90s, and Mahfood spent years at Marvel, defining, among other things, the younger X-Men.

Currently, he’s got Everybody Loves Tank Girl on the stands, and we sat down to talk about the book. We’ve also got preview pages for the lovely collected edition.

Gamma Squad: How did you first come into the orbit of Tank Girl?

Mahfood: I first discovered Tank Girl around 1993, my freshman year of college. It completely blew my mind. I had never seen or read anything else like it. Discovering Jamie Hewlett’s artwork was a game changer for me.

I got involved with Everybody Loves Tank Girl when Alan Martin and I became friends on Facebook. We started chatting and he asked me to draw the book, and I completely freaked out and of course said yes. What a huge thrill!

Gamma Squad: How familiar were you with Jamie Hewlett’s work before you started?

Jim Mahfood: Oh, very familiar! I’m a huge fan. Jamie is in my Top 5 artists of all time, for sure.

Gamma Squad: You have an interesting take on her, a pretty nutty character to begin with. How did you approach drawing the book?