The Creator Of Thanos Is Getting His Own TV Series, ‘Dreadstar’

Jim Starlin isn’t a household name in much of America, but he’s a fairly important figure in comics. As the creator of Thanos, Drax, and Gamora, he’s had a long career as a writer and artist and pretty much defined space opera in comics for many, and he’s now being unleashed on his own TV series, adapting his creator-owned comic Dreadstar.

Dreadstar follows Vanth Dreadstar, the last survivor of the Milky Way, and his doughty crew of rebels as they try to end an ancient war between the Space Pope and Space Rome. I may be oversimplifying the plot to an almost ridiculous level, but that’s more or less what actually goes on. Starlin isn’t just signing over his creator-owned series, either. He’s actually scripting the pilot, according to /Film.

As for where it might wind up, it’s being produced by Universal Cable Productions, which has ties to SyFy, so don’t be surprised if you see promos for a guy calling himself Vanth in fairly short order. If you’d like to see what you might be in for with the movie, reprints of the comic are available on comiXology.

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