Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Star In Fake Movie Posters For Movies That Should Be Real

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02.29.12 3 Comments

On Friday Paul Rudd dropped by Late Night to presumably talk new movies and his daughter’s pride in his penis size, but instead the most likable guy in Hollywood and the increasingly appreciated host spent almost the whole time discussing fake movies for films they pretended to have made together over the last year, complete with awesomely shopped posters. Brilliant stuff.

Apart from the posters themselves — which chronicler of all things late night television, Conan O’Fallon, managed to score solid images of — the bit was made simply by Rudd and Fallon riffing fake plot points and anecdotes from shooting. Like how Lil’ Patriot had no budget for CGI and they’d just dig a hole for Rudd and Fallon would stand on apple boxes.

Clip after the jump, followed by the full collection of posters. I was just looking over my local theater listings and I’m confident in claiming I’d see each of these twice over anything that is actually playing.

Part 2 here. Posters via. 3-DJs and more…

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