This Jimmy Fallon Dance Battle With Kate Upton Is Better When You Flip Past All The Jimmy Fallon Parts

Jimmy Fallon is taping in Orlando this week to promote his brand new Universal Studios theme park ride, and as such he invited Florida native Kate Upton to stop by and pay a visit. Upton is also celebrating a pretty big milestone this week, as the 24-year-old model is gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for the third time now — a pretty impressive feat!

Of course, no visit to the Fallon-helmed Tonight Show would be complete without one of the host’s hokey games or cutesy antics (part of the reason he’s currently getting crushed by the much more political scrutinizing Stephen Colbert in the ratings), so naturally, he challenged Upton to a dance battle using a “dance move generator” to make up totally random and not all all pre-rehearsed dance moves.

Then again, who are we to besmirch the good name of Kate Upton, and her ability to dance in a low cut tank top? Give the people what they want, right? So, enjoy as Upton gets down to the “Shoulders With a Mind of Their Own” and “Walking Into a Spiderweb” and maybe just flip through the parts where Jimmy Fallon dances because nobody needs to see that. The guy has his own theme park ride now, he’ll be fine.