Jimmy Kimmel Asks ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Bekah Martinez How It Feels To Be A Missing Person

Bekah Martinez or Bekah M from The Bachelor made some headlines when the show returned due to headlines claiming she had been a “missing person” since November. Now she’s been eliminated from the show and Jimmy Kimmel got his first stab at making jokes about her status and what she thought about her time on the show.

Kimmel just bluntly asks her about the marijuana farm at the start, but soon jumps into the missing person reports. According to Bekah, she was on a marijuana farm — sorta — but the main reason she ended up going “missing” was due to her elimination from The Bachelor and a need to head up to the mountains after that happened.

It just so happens that the mountains don’t give you perfect cell phone reception, so her mother ended up getting worried. From there she becomes a missing person and it would seem that some sixth sense kicked in to tell her to come back to civilization and let everybody know she was OK.

There’s also a little bit of Bachelor talk tossed in there, particularly how she ended up on the show instead of just hopping on Tinder or something similar. Kimmel also informs Bekah that his wife was heartbroken about her elimination, something that seems to be a theme for the couple from season to season.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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