Jimmy Kimmel And Channing Tatum Tell Their Daughters They Ate All Their Halloween Candy

As is yearly tradition, Jimmy Kimmel put out a call for parents to tell their children they ate all their Halloween candy, and then film the ensuing madness. The usual compilation will probably air sometime next week, but in the meantime — just to let us know he’s a good sport, too — Kimmel himself tricked his own daughter into thinking he ate her Halloween candy. Likewise, so did Channing Tatum, who was manning Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of a revolving lineup of guest hosts this week.

Kimmel’s adorable three-year-old daughter Jane took it … pretty well, all things considered, when she discovered that all that was left in her Halloween bag was a roll of Smarties and an empty Skittles bag, the greatest insult of all. In fact, she seemed much more interested at hearing the timer for the waffle maker go off. It was only after some prompting from her dad that she admitted that she was “sad,” but ultimately it was okay. Maybe he can try again in three years with his son Billy?

Tatum’s four-year-old daughter Everly, on the other hand, did not take the news so well, albeit in the most heartbreaking, tearful way possible. “I’m sorry, I just got so hungry,” he told his daughter, though it didn’t seem to console her. “Dad that’s not funny,” she said, after the ruse was finally revealed. Yeah dad, not funny.