Jimmy Kimmel Set Out To Prove Whether Or Not Millennials Could Open A Can Of Tuna

Recently it came about that the latest fatality at the hands of millennials (including fabric softener, mayonnaise, cereal, Applebee’s, etc.) was canned tuna. What was once a lunchbox staple, canned tuna sales are apparently down 40 percent over the past three decades, and Big Tuna is pointing the finger directly at the younger generation.

Andy Mecs, the vice president of marketing for StarKist even went so far to claim that “a lot of millennials don’t even own can openers,” as the reason for the decline, which just seems silly. Who the heck doesn’t own a can opener? So to put the theory to the test, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew out onto Hollywood Boulevard to challenge millennials to open a can of tuna.

And as it turns out … Big Tuna may actually be right? Of the first six millennials they interviewed, they were squarely zero for six. One young woman even broke not one, but two can openers in her efforts.

Finally, they met a resourceful Australian who correctly guessed, “Are you doing this to prove that like millennials like can’t open them because like the company said that, you know, the reason they don’t sell tuna anymore is because we can’t do it?” And to her credit, she easily bested the can, nasty tuna water sloshing out and all. Which makes you wonder — maybe the problem with tuna goes beyond just having to open a can?