J.K. Rowling And Others Offer Support To A First-Time Writer Who Gets An Unwanted Lecture On Her First Book

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Getting a book published is one of those joys a writer experiences in life, along with the first time you’re published for a wide audience and the first time you get an angry comment on a blog post. There are likely many more, but being published is always that ultimate goal. That’s what Laura Kalbag was doing when she shared this tweet on Friday morning:

It should be a moment of triumph to come out and publicly show that you’ve crossed that hurdle, but one reply she got seemed to end up spiraling into more than anyone could’ve expected. Worse yet, it all seems to be due to a disagreement over terminology according to this fellow:

Laura seems to take it all in stride, even noting that she’s new to the publishing world and giving credit to those who made the book possible.

Others were not so kind and actually took it as “mansplaining,” while others just felt it was just generally rude

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