J.K. Rowling Takes The High Road And Apologizes Over A Misinformed Tweet About Trump

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When the Trump administration goes through another wave of insanity, many feel like they aren’t in a position to speak truth to power. Luckily, we have J.K. Rowling. It should be no surprise that Rowling has taken it upon herself to challenge Trump in some small way considering the deeper meaning of her insanely popular Harry Potter series, but seeing the author send off tweets calling out the President continues to be a satisfying joy.

However, on Monday (Rowling’s birthday, natch) Rowling did something that Trump himself would never do: apologized. Last week, Rowling fired off some tweets criticizing Trump after a video circulated on Twitter in which Trump appeared to cruelly overlook a young boy in a wheel chair who tried to shake his hand at an event. While Trump’s history with disabled people is pretty dark, it would appear that the video did not include footage of him shaking the boy’s hand earlier in the event.

In the light of this new information, Rowling deleted her previous post and tweeted an apology for the misunderstanding.

Now, that is how you apologize. Rowling has always been and will be a class act (even apologizing for the deaths of her characters). The President should pay attention. He just might learn something.