J.K. Rowling Throws The Darkest Possible Magical Wizard Shade At The Westboro Baptist Church

One of the most beautifully fan-friendly celebrities on Twitter is definitely the woman responsible for creating the Harry Potter universe, J.K. Rowling. She replies to her fans often, even going out of her way to help them feel better when they’re depressed and apologizing for devastating character deaths that are truly all her fault. But whatever you do, don’t troll her. Because J.K. Rowling’s Twitter burns will leave marks on your stupid, careless face forever.

In this case, the trolls were the professionally offensive members of the Westboro Baptist Church. And I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this is pretty much as good as it sounds.

First, Rowling responded to an Irish fan celebrating the passage of marriage equality by popular vote:

And then the WBC responded, because they are a bunch of nasty trolls:

This level of stupid is admirable because where do you even go to picket the wedding of two fictional characters played by the same actor? So confusing. But Rowling’s response was a burn of the sickest, most fiery variety:

OOF. Need some aloe for that burn, WBC? But seriously, if Dumbledore and Gandalf do get married, please tell me where you will picket because I just want to know for curiosity’s sake.

(Via The Daily Dot)