Joan Rivers’ Facebook Posts From The Afterlife Are About The iPhone 6

To bend a phrase from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, “she’s not really dead if we choose to remember her.” It’s a lovely sentiment that speaks to the endless lives that we all have within the mind caverns of those that we have touched, but nobody expected to remember Joan Rivers as an iPhone 6 pitchwoman, and nobody expected to hear from the comedy icon after her untimely death.

On Friday, the famed comedian, who died September 4 at age 81, appeared to post to her Facebook account, praising the new iPhone 6 and announcing her plans to buy one.

“This bad*ss is being replaced by an iPhone 6 (not the fat one),” someone wrote, in Rivers’ trademark irreverent style, in a post that accompanied a photo of an iPhone 4S Friday morning. It was quickly deleted.

Hooray for the quick deletion, but why was the comment there (on both Facebook and Instagram) in the first place? If Joan Rivers had something to say from beyond the grave, I think we all pretty much expect that it would have been a little bit crude, a lot funnier, and possibly about what Nicole Kidman was wearing. Besides that, I always assumed that she was a Blackberry girl. Ugh, I know. That was terrible.

Here’s CNN with their theory on why people saw this message.

It’s not unusual for publicists or other representatives of celebrities to post for them on social media. The may have been written earlier and scheduled for release Friday, the day the new iPhones hit stores.

The medical crisis that eventually took Rivers’ life popped up rather quickly after a complication during a medical procedure, so nobody’s going to blame a publicist if they forgot to delete the auto-post in the midst of their own grieving and all that chaos, but Rivers died before the iPhone 6 was announced. So that’s interesting, but TMZ has already swooped in with a theory, saying that the post was, “clearly the result of a pre-negotiated deal with Apple.” If that’s true then on top of being a sad reminder that Joan Rivers is no longer with us, it also serves as a reminder that we really shouldn’t believe that there is a lack of bias behind celebrity social media posts. I suppose that’s doubly true when that celebrity is no longer alive.

Source: TMZ and CNN