Joe Biden Called A 3-Year Old Girl Because She ‘Calls’ Him On Her Toy Phone

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11.10.14 11 Comments

“I just do.” That’s about all the reasoning you could ever expect from a 3-year old when it comes to quirky behavior, but we demand to know a little more from Iowa’s Avery Bral. That’s because her quirky behavior involved calling Vice President Joe Biden on her toy phone all the time, enough that her grandmother, Becky Burke, felt compelled to leave a message for Smokin’ Joe on his website recently. She told KCCI News that she never expected anything to come from it, which is why she thought someone was playing a prank on her when she got a phone call from Biden recently. Burke claimed she asked Biden, “Who the (possible expletive) is this?” and I assume that he responded, “Joe-F*ckin’-Biden, sugar.” But I could be wrong. He might have called her toots.

(Via the HuffPo)

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