Joe Biden’s Tone-Deaf Tweet Asking For Money Has Inspired Lots Of OnlyFans Jokes

In her first briefing with the media since October 1 on Friday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany refused to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the election. But she did call CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins an “activist” (“It’s understandable why someone who hasn’t done their job — taking questions from reporters — in weeks would confuse someone else doing theirs with activism,” Collins later tweeted) and ignored heckles of, “When are you gonna admit you lost?” It won’t be any time soon, because boss Trump is still claiming that he “won.”

The president’s refusal to concede means that, among many, many, many other issues that threaten our democracy, Biden can’t access the transition fund that “is expected to help cover the costs associated with the bureaucratic handover, including the hundreds of aides who have already been hired to staff the transition and its agency review teams, who are a mix of paid staffers and volunteers,” according to Politico:

The General Services Administration must “ascertain” that Biden won the election before the federal government will release roughly $10 million in funds to which the transition is legally entitled… So far, the transition has raised more than $8 million, according to three people familiar with the total, hitting their initial $7 million to $10 million goal. Now they’re upping it by “several millions of dollars in anticipation of GSA not relenting before the inauguration,” said one person familiar with the transition efforts.

Biden reached out to his Twitter followers, asking for donations because “President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it ourselves and need your help. If you’re able, chip in to help fund the Biden-Harris transition.” The tweet did not go over well, coming a day after the Associated Press reported that “of the roughly 20 million Americans now receiving some form of unemployment benefits, about half will lose those benefits when two federal programs expire at the end of the year.” Biden has dozens of billionaire supporters, but as comedian Paul F. Tompkins pointed out, “But for this they have to make a request of people who are severely hurting.”

Biden’s tweet has also inspired “only” one joke.

But, seriously: