Joe Johnson Made Paul Pierce Walk Like A Dog, Celtics & Nets Scuffle

Joe Johnson has been playing largely ehhhhhh since he became a Net. Yet basketball always has a way to give players opportunities to redeem themselves from mediocre stretches. After a ridiculous second quarter scuffle saw Rajon Rondo, Kris Humprhies and Gerald Wallace ejected, Boston cut the Net’s big lead to single digits in the fourth following a third quarter tug of war.

Brooklyn slowly felt the game slip from their grasp despite Rondo’s absence. Then Joe Johnson seized the moment…and Paul Pierce’s balance. Johnson’s cross to his ice-cold, pull up J straight out of NBA Street left Pierce on the hardwood: shattered and helpless. They don’t call number 7 Iso-Joe for nothing, folks.

The Nets went on to win 95-83 largely thanks to good 3 point shooting and 52 points from the bench mob. Andray Blatche and Jerry Stackhouse picked up the starting five’s slack. Johnson’s momentum shifting play, however, easily stood as the highlight of the night.

You gotta feel bad for “The Truth” though…sike! He’s been getting HURT on the perimeter lately and seeing my team embarrass that crab on top of his poor shooting night makes me smile.

Yo Cell, get your boy a Costco-size tub of Bengay before his knees turn into cobblestones.