Joe Johnson Fools Tayshaun Prince for The Double OT Game Winner, Nets Beat Pistons 107-105

Joe Johnson has been a slow starter this year but he’s come around lately: finding his groove on offense defending the perimeter alright on the other end. Yet last night’s hell game, no thanks to Deron Williams getting straight DESTROYED by Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey, required some blue collar work ethic, a little help from Joe Crawford and late game heroics. Gerald Wallace got the fire under Brooklyn’s belly by practically carrying them into double OT with Detroit. Kris Humphries damn near gift wrapped triple OT for the Pistons by tipping the ball straight to Kyle Singler for a go ahead lay-in.

Humphries’ idiotic play didn’t phase ice cold Joe though. Avery showed some semblance of good coaching by calling an Iso-Joe for the win. Then Action Johnson made good on the decision all while putting Tayshaun Prince on ice with no skates.

I want you to take a look at Lawrence Frank’s face after Johnson’s dagger. That’s the look of a man who knew he out-coached Avery for most of the game only to come up short in embarrassing fashion. Detroit had Brooklyn on the ropes and, if not for their inexperienced players and some funky lineups, they would have wrapped the game up in regulation. I guess it’s still cold in the D, huh?

Dah well, the Nets won a game they should’ve easily bagged in the worst fashion. I’ll take that dub and prepare for the worst in tonight’s back to back at Chicago. Until then I’ll just watch this play over and over because it’s pretty awesome, bro. You’ll agree if you’re not from Detroit. Detroit residents though, well…I’m sorry.