Joe Johnson Nails Game-Winning Floater In Phoenix

Here’s the thing, Channing Frye.

I don’t totally blame you for this because in the heat of the moment, you’re the one on a basketball court in a pressure-packed situation and I’m the one behind a keyboard. I get it. Being an armchair head coach doesn’t look good on most people. Yet, seeing as how you’re annual salary is slightly higher than mine, we’ll call it even.

It’s a tie game in the waning seconds of overtime with roughly three seconds left on the shot clock. Missed three pointers often lead to long rebounds. Basketball 101, right? The worst case scenario is heading into a second overtime. The absolute worst case is what happens next.

What would I have rather seen? One more pass to Eric Bledsoe in the corner. In your defense, he would’ve had two seconds to make a decision, but seeing as how Eric’s already proven his worth this season in moments like so…you get where I’m going with this.

You did have a good look all things considered, and Goran Dragic probably shouldn’t have went for the steal. But whatever the case, Joe Johnson – for all the negative traits people toss his way, he is one of the better “clutch” shooters in basketball – was allowed, in essence, a game-winning fast break where he dropped a Tony Parker floater right in your eyeball giving the Nets a win they “desperately” needed.

Shit happens, Channing. Shit just happens.