‘Yellowjackets’ Star Melanie Lynskey Shaded The Heck Out Of Joe Rogan’s Apology For Repeatedly Using The N-Word

Yellowjackets actress Melanie Lynskey’s not buying what Joe Rogan is selling when it comes to his latest apology amid his Spotify fiasco. It’s been quite a winding road, so let’s back up for a quick refresher.

The Joe Rogan-Spotify controversy (which has so far resulted in a “content advisory” warning on podcast episodes and Spotify pulling down 70 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience) shows no signs of slowing down. This is the case weeks after Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pulled their music from the platform in protest following hundreds of physicians asking Spotify to end Rogan’s fountain of Covid disinformation.

Rogan apologized after Spotify’s content advisories began, and then things heated up again over the weekend when Rogan found himself in more hot water. At issue was the Page Six-reported viral compilation of Rogan using the N-word on repeat, which led him to again apologize while describing the video as “the most regretful and shameful thing I’ve ever had to talk about publicly.” He did add that these moments were taken “out of context” over 12 years of his material, but he conceded that this “looks f*cking horrible.”

As one can expect, this generated tons of Twitter reactions, but a very well-circulated one (with 59,600 likes and counting) came from Lynskey. “I don’t think a word can slip out of your mouth unless it regularly comes out of your mouth,” the Castle Rock actress tweeted. “I’m not going around accidentally calling people Horace.”

It’s a fair point, although music producer Brad Walsh was quick to have a little fun with Lynskey. “You literally called me a dirty horace yesterday,” he tweeted.

To which Lynskey responded, “This is cancel culture!!”

Their exchange is on point, given that the complaints about “cancel culture” are flying every other week, it seems, largely from the far right, which is now defending Rogan. There’s no quick cure here, but hey, there are several cute dogs named Horace now sitting in Lynskey’s replies, so there’s that.