Joel McHale & Jim Rash’s ‘True Detective’ Parody Is Here And It’s Spectacular

Community’s Joel McHale and Jim Rash have finally followed up on their True Detective tease with the full parody video and I must say it’s one of the finest segments The Soup has ever produced. The production value alone.

If you’re like me you hit the rewind button at least three times per True Detective because between the smoking, the drinking, and just the all around cryptic not-so-everyday conversations it’s easy to miss something. Honestly I think this show would be about half as successful if it wasn’t for DVR. With that in mind this is a pretty perfect parody angle…

Obviously, McHale as McConaughey as Rust Cohle is what we all came for, but let’s take a moment to recognize Jim Rash’s work as gibberish speaking Marty Hart. Very few people — if any — have ever nailed Woody Harrelson’s speech pattern quite so effectively. I guess what I’m saying is MOAR DEAN DOES JEFF IMPERSONATION PLZ. Seriously, at least Season 4 gave us that.

Well done all involved. The internet thanks you.