Joel Schumacher Is Rumored To Be Writing A Sequel To ‘Batman And Robin’

Batman and Robin has its fans, but as a rule, it’s one of the most widely derided movies of the ’90s and the nadir of comic book movies, although some would argue others have come close. And now, Joel Schumacher will get a chance to show us what he had planned for a third movie.

The good news is that it’s not going to be a filmed sequel. Instead, DC Comics has decided to bring in Schumacher to write a miniseries, according to Bleeding Cool:

…Bleeding Cool has been told that Joel Schumacher is writing a twelve issue Batman comic, currently being drawn by Dustin Nguyen, which will revisit his intentions for the three films, or which two were made. Rewritten from scratch and telling one story, this will contain his original vision for the movies.

Expect an announcement when more of the scripts are in…

On the one hand, DC has had enormous success taking versions of their characters that have been mocked and derided and turning them into good comics. Look no further than the critically acclaimed and quite fun Batman ’66, which has been a lighthearted and knowing take on the TV series from Jeff Parker. And Schumacher has made it clear he knows where the blame lies for this particular gobbler.

On the other, the inherent reaction most people have to this movie can be summed up with Michael Scott:

So we’ll see. But at least with Nguyen on art, it’ll be pretty to look at.