This Fitness Motivator Has Some Not Very Nice Things To Say About Overweight People

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07.21.15 44 Comments

(Language NSFW Warning)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet John Burk, fitness motivator. Burk is a former drill sergeant and he’s determined to rid the world of overweight people, one fatty at a time. This video is just one of dozens of motivational videos from Burk’s Facebook page. And by “motivational” I mean that he mostly yells at fat people not to be fat anymore. I guess to be fair, he was a drill sergeant?

Here’s just a sample of his rant:

To the overweight people; no I’m not gonna accept you for who you are with that bullsh*t excuse that “you should love me because I’m beautiful.” Your personality might be beautiful, but your body is not. It is not okay to be overweight. Yes, I will attack society’s bullsh*t view of saying we should accept everybody for who they are. They’re absolutely right, we should. But when I sit there and look at somebody who’s overweight? No, I find that utterly repulsive and disgusting. Why? Because it shows a lack of self discipline.

Oh yeah smart guy? Come talk to me when you figure out how to record horizontal video. In the meantime, I’m going to feast on a tub of mint cookies and cream ice cream and wash it down with Chardonnay right out of the bottle. You should try it sometime. Maybe you wouldn’t be so angry.

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