John C. Reilly Debuts An Explosive New Clip From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

John C. Reilly was on Letterman last night, promoting Guardians of the Galaxy, and debuted a surprising new clip, which you can see above. Fair warning, as it includes substantial spoilers, but you’ll want to see it right away.

OK, fine, we’re terrible people, almost as terrible as that time we leaked exclusive Ant-Man footage. But you do have to admit, there are some spoilers in the above video. Not even Dave knew what he was going to see.

Anyway, Reilly actually played it close to his chest, mostly just talking about the sheer oddity of playing off Glenn Close when you’re both wearing space suits, which, yeah, must be pretty weird. You’re two Oscar-nominated/winning actors, and you’re in a scene where you’re about to be upstaged by a talking raccoon; we’re sure that can feel just a bit weird.

As to Reilly’s clip, we’ll defer to some experts for a full analysis. Really, this team can offer more intelligent insight into this clip than we ever could.