Johnny Manziel Crashes Rival School’s Frat Party, Gets Kicked Out Ceremoniously

Yeah, fine, he’s only 20. But damnit do the misadventures Of Johnny Manziel continue to make the Texas A&M star one of the most insufferable characters in all of sports.

Johnny Football’s latest antics involved getting tossed out of a University of Texas frat party during a recent Austin trip. In a vacuum, a funny story. Per Burnt Orange Nation:

“Johnny Football stopped by the University of Texas last night and decided to attend a polite fraternal gathering of academic peers. Unfortunately, they were not as welcoming has he had hoped. Manziel was thrown out of this fraternity party ‘quickly and harshly.'”

I can sit here and talk about how this looks when stacked on top of the ever-growing f*ckery mound that Manziel has built this off-season, but we all know the stories.

Instead, I’d simply like to express my distaste for the Aggie QB.

Johnny Football reminds me of every entitled private-schooler that I’ve ever known, the kind that starts drinking at 14, goes to an average-but-expensive four-year college with a pretty enough campus and wealthy enough student body to continue to curate that self-important mirage that’s been there since middle school. Only difference is, most of these college students end up returning to their hometown to get a nice, secure job in accounting or something while Manziel globe-trots and hangs out with Drake and does whatever he wants. Because he’s Johnny Football.

Oh yeah, Manziel wasn’t unwelcome everywhere he went at UT, as he was spotted at another party…wearing a Tim Tebow jersey, as seen above pic. He wasn’t wearing it at the Fiji party he was kicked out of. Nope, he’s the guy in the pink t-shirt in the video below.

I want Jadeveon Clowney to decapitate him in some sort of bowl game. Please, college football gods. Please.

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