Jon Lajoie's Completely Honest Commercial: A Helpful Tutorial On Pooping Next To The Toilet

When he’s not masterminding can’t miss entrepreneurial ventures like NeckFlix as Taco on The League, Jon Lajoie is creating the occasional new for his very popular YouTube account. His series is chocked full of assorted comedy sketches and musical parodies that I can best describe as having a very Canadian feel to them.

Lajoie’s latest, a first person account of what he’s really thinking called “Completely Honest Commercial,” released yesterday and the view count is predictably surging. I wasn’t going to share because it starts off a bit lazy with some low-hanging race relations and little people observations, but :45 seconds in Jon quickly flips the script and admits he doesn’t love his 6 year-old nephew because the kid is ugly. He then proceeds to give a tutorial on how to properly sh*t next to a toilet in a public restroom. If you’re a Taco fan, a fan of Canadian humor, or have simply been pooping wrong in restaurants, give it a watch.

Jon Lajoie