Jon Stewart Performed Stand-Up With Louis C.K. At The Comedy Cellar Wednesday Night

With just one week left till Jon Stewart’s final taping of The Daily Show (I legit got choked up just typing that), we still don’t know what the beloved host plans to do once he steps away from his desk. If what went down Wednesday night is any indication, we may see Stewart behind the mic more often.

Patrons of New York City’s iconic Comedy Cellar (where the stand-up segments of Louie are filmed) got a rare treat when Louis C.K. and Jon Stewart performed a surprise double billing, as neither of the men were announced to perform in the evening’s lineup.

The Comic’s Comic was on hand and captured the whole incredible affair:

“It’s been 20 years!” Stewart exclaimed. Well, maybe not that long. Club owner Noam Dworman told The Comic’s Comic he remembers seeing Stewart drop in closer to a decade ago when he needed to test out bits before a big charity function. Nevertheless. It had been ages.

“I could do this again,” Stewart said offstage afterward.

Whether Jon Stewart will sell out arenas or continue to pop into small venues or just retire to his farm in New Jersey remains to be seen, but this at least gives us some small hope that his retiring won’t be a goodbye so much as a “smell ya later.”


(Via The Comic’s Comic)