Jon Stewart’s Desire To Make Gay Jokes About Michele Bachmann’s Husband Warrants A Seinfeld Intervention


Since his wife Michele entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination, a previously turned-off spotlight has been turned on to Marcus Bachmann, and many have been taken aback by the guy. Particularly, Marcus Bachmann runs a clinic of sorts — one that is partially funded by federal and state tax dollars — that some claim tries to “cure” people of gayness by “praying the gay away.” There has also been audio of him surface in which he compares gays to “barbarians.”

But what’s interesting about that is that many with well-honed gaydars, myself included, have noted how Marcus Bachmann seems, well, quite gay, which should come as no surprise, I suppose — the most virulent anti-gay crusaders have many times been revealed to have been in the closet all along. And Marcus Bachmann, though I’m willing to give him the benefit of straight doubt, is a walking treasure chest of gay stereotypes — he sort of has an undeniable Nathan Lane quality to him, in fact, and I’m almost certain that there’s a flamboyant Broadway dancer in him that’s dying to be free. He and Michele appear to be the Liza Minnelli and David Gest of American politics at this point, and it’s all kinds of hilarious, while being excruciatingly sad at the same time.

So naturally, Jon Stewart and his Daily Show writers have taken note of how “Marcus Bachmann is an Izod shirt away from being the gay character on ‘Modern Family,'” and last night they nailed him pretty good with a bit in which Stewart tries desperately to hold back from unloading every gay joke bullet in his comedic gun on Bachmann, but struggles to “suppress” it. Eventually, when it appears as though there’s no way he can bottle up his desires, Jerry Seinfeld appears as a “comedy repression therapist” to help Stewart along, even slapping him across the face a couple of times when Stewart caves to his natural instincts. It was all quite brilliant, really. The video is after the jump.

Here’s part one…

And part two…

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