Jonah Hex is Really Happening

04.27.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

SyFy released a little footage from Jonah Hex, featuring Megan Fox, John Malkovich, Megan Fox’s cleavage, Will Arnett, Megan Fox’s cleavage, Michael Shannon, and Josh “keep brolin brolin” Brolin.  They’re saying it’s coming out June 18th, after much speculation (by people wearing monocles, I would assume) that it wasn’t going to be finished in time.  The director’s never made a live-action film before, another director was hired for re-shoots, and Warner Brothers has released very little information about the film despite it being a summer movie releasing in less than two months.  Now they’re finally releasing a trailer, attached to screenings of Nightmare on Elm Street this weekend.  A short promo teaser is below.

This footage has everything.  Facial deformities! Cleavage! Fire! Malkovich! Mini crossbow! Horses with Gatling guns! Giant spider in the third act?  *fingers crossed*


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