Jonah Hill Started An Epic Beef With The Dude From ‘Glee’ On Last Night’s ‘Fallon’

I’m noticing a growing sentiment on the web that Jonah Hill is played out, which I don’t get at all. Out of the entire Apatow crew I always think of Seth Rogen as the sham funny person, whereas Hill has impeccable delivery and can tell a story like no other. If you ever see he’s going to be on a late night talk show do your self a favor and DVR it immediately because he’s one of the best guests going.

He cemented this status last night on Late Night where he told the story of getting dissed by Glee’s Matthew Morrison at a “douchey Hollywood party,” then proceeded to start an epic beef with Morrison on live television, THEN proceeded to demonstrate he means business by not taking lip from Whitney Cummings. The hilarity unfolds over three separate clips but if you don’t have fifteen minutes and the ability to tolerate three Hulu preroll ads Conan O’Fallon has captured 99% of the awesomeness in GIF wall form.

Morrison beef story starts around the 3:00 mark. Full GIF wall after the jump.


Good times start at :30.

Epic Hill-Morrison Beef GIF Wall

Source: Conan O’Fallon