The Prison Seamstress Confessed To Being ‘Caught Up In The Fantasy’ When She Helped Inmates Escape

Manhunt Continues For Two Prisoners That Broke Out Of New York State Prison
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The confession made by the prison seamstress who helped two dangerous inmates break out of Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York has been made public and the content is right out of a TV drama. Joyce Mitchell apparently told police that she was “caught up in the fantasy” of the love triangle between herself, Richard Matt, and David Sweat and nearly went through with her plan to kill her husband, Lyle. She referred to Lyle as “the glitch” and intended to let them kill him before coming to her senses.

Mitchell insinuated that the fantasy was taking over to an unhealthy degree, saying, “I enjoyed the attention, the feeling both of them gave me and the thought of a different life.” According to NBC News, she performed sex acts on Matt and sent racy pictures to Sweat. Matt made the first move, kissing her in the tailor where she was an instructor. From there, she started doing favors for Matt, who started looping Sweat in.

After escaping, the inmates were expecting to rendezvous with Mitchell, who was supposed to join the fugitive gang and live happily ever after — but she didn’t show up:

“I know I had agreed to help them escape and run away with them, but I panicked and couldn’t follow through with the rest of the plan,” she explained. “I really do love my husband and he’s the reason.”

Matt and Sweat were on the run for three weeks before being caught by police; Matt was shot and killed on June 26, Sweat was apprehended two days later.

NBC has her full statement as a handy, salacious PDF if you want to read the whole racy thing.

(Via NBC News)