Judd Apatow Fired Off Some Harsh Tweets Directed At Bill Cosby And His Apologists

In light of recent events and the number of women accusing Bill Cosby of rape or other lascivious wrongdoing climbing to dizzying heights, it’s difficult to understand the decision of on the part of assorted venues to continue to bill the controversial comedian. So on Twitter over the weekend, Judd Apatow confronted a couple of Canadian venues who have Cosby scheduled to perform in 2015. The writer/showrunner did not, uh, mince his words.

From there, while common sense would have prevailed not to feed the trolls who then came out of the woodwork to defend an alleged rapist, I can understand why it was oh, so tempting — as Apatow continued firing off strongly-worded tweets to Cosby’s apologists:

While it was an admirable attempt, Apatow himself eventually conceded as to how exhausting it was — but not before calling out Page Six over a new report that Bill Cobsy has hired a “battalion of investigators” to dig up dirt on his accusers:

Via Vulture