Juicing A Hamburger From McDonald’s Is A Culinary Nightmare

Is your stomach growling for something tasty, but not that nutritious? Did somebody say, ‘McDonalds‘? If you’re ready to hit the drive-thru to order a Big Mac or something with a kick, you probably wouldn’t want to after watching this video.

A new Youtube channel called Bad Things For Bad People released their first video titled “Junk Juice 1”. In the clip that has already gone viral, a person is shown juicing a whole sack load of McDonald’s food including fries, nine cheeseburgers, and a Coke (We’re not sure if it’s Diet or Regular, but what does it matter when you’re juicing an entire week’s worth of calories?).

No surprise, it looks absolutely disgusting. Like a cross between a Coke Slurpee and Jenkem. Of course, a brave soul had to try this stomach-churning culinary concoction. Besides vomiting in a trash can, the clip’s hero says, “This tastes like sh*t!”

Since this is their first video, we can assume that the folks over at Bad Things For Bad People are going to be juicing a bunch stuff that should never see the blade of a juicer. What’s next? Taco Bell Volcano Burritos and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast? Seriously, the wide range of junk food for sale, they won’t have trouble finding content for their channel. They may however find it hard to have people actually try what they’re juicing.