The Debut Clip From ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Is Pulpy And Campy

The Wachowski siblings make a bid for Hollywood supremacy again with Jupiter Ascending, a movie that will either be a gleefully old-fashioned space opera on the order of Star Wars, or a ridiculous campfest on the order of Flash Gordon. It’s hard to tell when your movie features Channing Tatum as half-albino, half-wolf, all man. Nonetheless, we’ve got a clip and it’s actually kind of cute.

If you haven’t been following Jupiter Ascending and its amusingly bizarre plot, Mila Kunis plays a janitor on Earth, named (what else?) Jupiter Jones, who discovers she’s actually a queen of space. It’s basically an excuse for Channing Tatum to run around with rayguns and cartwheel-kick people in the face, from the looks of things. But this clip on Ellen appears to mostly be about them falling in wuv.

[protected-iframe id=”5f054e709412fc0a4d10ab1ad525f9bc-60970621-60059703″ info=”” width=”650px” height=”400px”]

Kunis was good casting, considering she’s the only thing remotely sane in this clip. Also, it’s kind of nice that the Wachowskis are putting actual rules in this universe; it’s a nice touch that the gravity boots have to work overtime to compensate for, well, gravity.

Still, we’re reserving judgement until we see it and figure out if this is pulpy SF or campy SF (or some mixture of the two). We’ll find out July 18th.