Just How Nasty is “Civilization 5: Gods and Kings”?

The “Civilization” games are infamous for being sinkholes where large portions of your life mysteriously vanish into…and “Civ 5” expansion “Gods and Kings” is looking like no exception. Kotaku has a preview up with designer Ed Beach, but amidst the discussion of the tweaked religion and espionage systems, something came up that we just want to emphasize:

The AI is so hostile, it’ll plan to attack you in fifteen turns. Fifteen turns!

We were looking forward to this for a while, but we have to admit, the idea of an AI that vicious and plotting kind of…really makes us want to play this game even more. And here we thought “Civ 4″‘s AI was out for blood! The only way this could be better would be if you could play “Diplomacy” while also playing “Civ 5”. You know, backstabbing in your backstabbing and all that.

image courtesy 2k Games